How can I change the surname in my passport to my maiden name?

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I am using my husband's surname in my passport. Is it possible to change my surname to my maiden name? What are the requirements?

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Adelaimar C Arias-Jose
is a Legal expert in the Philippines
No. You cannot revert to using your maiden name if you have already used your married name. Widow ka na ba? Kasi kung widow ka, puede. pero kung buhay pa ang asawa mo, hiwalay lang kayo o kaya feel mo lang gamitin ulit ang maiden name mo matapos mo nang gamitin ang married name mo, hindi puede ito sa ilalim ng batas.

Under our Civil Code, a woman has three choices of names when she gets married. For example, the woman's maiden name is Babaeng Dalaga. She married Lalake Asawa. She can use:

Babaeng Dalaga (her maiden name), or she can use her husband's name: Babaeng D. Asawa, or she can use her maiden name and simply append her husband's last name: Babaeng Dalaga-Asawa.

You chose to use your husband's name. You're stuck with it until your marriage is annulled or your husband dies.
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