I am working here in Saudi Arabia in Jash Technical Services Ltd. We are contrac

is in Saudi Arabia

I am working here in Saudi Arabia in Jash Technical Services Ltd. We are contractor for the engineering services for King Saud Abdulaziz University.

My contract is for two years and I have already finished 1 year and 4 months. My end of contract is still on the 21st of August 2017.

Due to an emergency reason I need to resign immediately. But the company is charging me Visa Charge= 2000.00 Sr, Iqama Charge (11 month ???)= 2,888.00 , Medical Insurance=60 Sr and Recruitment Expenses= 1,063.00.

Is this legal sir? Please help me. I need your answer the soonest possible time sir.

Thank you for your time in

reading my letter and I am waiting for your reply.

May God be bless you for helping OFWs.

Sincerely Yours,

Gerry Cariaga

Mob. No.: 00966-590773482

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Adelaimar C Arias-Jose
is a Legal expert in the Philippines
The answer to your questions should be found in your contract of employment. Nakalagay ba doon sa iyong contract of employment na employer mo ang magbabayad ng iyong iqama, medical insurance and visa? nakalagay ba doon na if you do not finish your contract, you are liable to pay for these to reimburse the company? Kasi, if these are not provided for in the contract, then, they really have no basis for their demands.

On very practical considerations, kung sila ang nag-advance ng mga payment na ito, siguro naman, ikinakaltas nila ito sa suweldo mo in the past. Kaya, iyong na lamang mga portions na hindi pa naikakaltas sa suweldo mo ang dapat mong bayaran.

I am not familiar with Saudi Labor Laws. It's the Labor Attache at the Embassy who can answer your questions. But the law between the parties is the contract of employment. Kung ikaltas nila ito sa last salary mo, at wala namang nakalagay sa contract of employment mo na may karapatan silang kaltasin ito a iyo, pag balik mo sa Pilipinas, you can file a case for money claim against the agency that sent you to SAudi. kasi, it is the agency who will pay the money claim.

Please talk to the labor attache. Mag search ka sa Internet. Punta ka doon sa labor website ng Saudi government. Tignan mo kung sino ang may obligasyon na magbayad ng iqama, etc. kasi kung employer, at hindi ito kinakaltas sa suweldo mo before, bakit bigla kang pagbabayarin nito? makes no sense.
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