Ano po itong skin condition na ito?

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No history of other skin conditions except for an irritation due to henna tattoo on my neck area. Has a family history of diabetes.
So last July 17, I noticed that I had some sort of a [lump]( on my thigh area. I had no idea what caused it so I thought it was a boil. It has a small round head but it seemed like it was covered in blood (instead of pus) the next day (wasn't able to take a picture). It looked purplish and it was tender to touch. I used hot compress (read that advice from Google) to let it come out, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to stick to that routine because of issues with my schedule. After a week or so (taken last night), the [lump]( felt more flat and is less tender. This is how [it]( looks like today. Any ideas on what this is and how to treat this at home? Thank you so much!

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Good day. That may be a result of an impacted hair follicle. It is similar to that of pimples and can spontaneously resolve.
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