OFWs in Malta (Filipinos in Malta)

Statistics as of 2010 by the Employment Training Corporation (ETC) show that 108 of 499 (22%) registered home based personal care workers hail from the Philippines. Maltese still account for 71% of all home based personal care workers.

Statistics also show that 10 of the 23 registered nannies working in Malta hail from the Philippines. In total 140 Filipinos are registered as personal care workers, nannies, domestic cleaners, butlers and housekeepers.

These constitute the majority of the 278 foreigners working in these jobs. 56 foreigners, nine of which hail from the Philippines, also work as institution-based care workers, a sector which employs 1044 Maltese persons.

Filipino domestic workers are legally brought to Malta by an agency which has local representatives. Ageing populations in western countries, as well as the increasing number of families where both partners work, have increased the need for foreign care workers and nannies. The Philippine government actually helps prospective maids seeking work in other countries. Nursing is another sector which is attracting a large number of Filipinos to western countries.

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