Need business permit for Piso Net vending machines computers?

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Kailangan na ba nang business permit kapag kukuha ako nang dalawang machine na pisonet para mag business sa aming lugar? Nagrerent lang po kami sa apartment na un pwede pu ba nun extra income po habang walang work asawa ko? Try ko lang po muna kung mag cclick po ito.. Salamat po..

Question: Do I need a business permit if I am going to buy 2 Piso net machines (vending machine like computer, providing users Internet access at 1 peso every 4 minutes) to put in our neighborhood and offered to customers? We are just renting an apartment. Can we operate pisonet machines for extra income, while my husband is unemployed / has no job? We are planning to try this pisonet business, if it would click or be successful...


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