Operate a business with the owners short term absence?

Vaniza Suan
is a nurse in Singapore

Isa po akong OFW nurse sa ibang bansa. Dalawa po kami nang asawa ko na nag work dito sa abroad. Gusto ko po sanang mag negosyo, isang thrift shop, mga used clothes and 2nd hand home item from overseas. Pwede po ba ako mag negosyo sa pinas kahit every 3 mos. lang akong uuwi para mag check nang cash flow?

Question: I am an overseas Filipino working as a nurse here abroad. Both my husband and I are working here abroad. I am planning to start a thrift shop business, selling used clodes and second hand items from overseas. Can I operate such a business, even if I am only able to go back home to the Philippines every three months, to check the cash flow?


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