Lip cut/laceration due to a dog bite?

Belle E
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Primary concern: multiple lip cuts due to a dog bite (my dog, with up-to-date rabies vaccination) 
Duration: 1 day
Current medications: Been using Mupirocin ointment 3x/day for my wounds/cuts; vitamin C x 1 day

My dog had a scare yesterday po because of a loud sound coming from the neighborhood. I was facing him because I was scratching his face when suddenly a loud sound erupted. Since he was shocked and scared, he jumped on my face and bit my lip pretty badly. Due to this, I have multiple cuts on my upper lip po, 1 is a bit deep (but not too deep), then several little cuts around it. There also some cuts on the area between my nose and upper lip po. My doctor friend prescribed me with mupirocin ointment to avoid further infection of the wound. I apply it thrice/day (thrice on the first 24 hours, every after meal). Today, around 24 hours after the bite, I've noticed scabs forming from some of the small cuts, and it was generally easier and less painful to move my lips around compared to the sensation I've felt yesterday. I can now move my lips (horizontally, in a smile) without pain, po but stretching my upper lip downwards can still be a bit painful. No other painful sensation naman po on other areas of my face. Here's [photo 1]( and [photo 2]( of my lips taken today. Also po, I've noticed that there were some purplish spots on my upper lip. Is this normal after a dog bite po? Or was it an allergic reaction towards mupirocin po? Also there was a thin, clear liquid (not pus like) found under my upper lip. I'm not sure if it is a scab po because it seems clear in color. Is that normal po or could it be a sign of infection? Any help is appreciated po. Thank you so much po!



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