Cancerous breast lump, Tamoxifen, biopsy, recurrent bukol opera dede

Carina De Guzman
is in the Philippines

Ang nanay ko po tatlo beses na na-opera sa dede. Una bukol lang tinaggal, ng biopsy sabi stage two cancer. Inopera ulit tinanggal na kaliwa ny dede. Ng biopsy ulit non cancerous na ang resulta. Pero wala pa isa taon umulit ang bukol at inopera ulit siya. Ng biopsy ulit non cancerous ulit. Ano po sa tingin nyo dahilan bakit paulit ulit na bumabalik ung bukol nya? Ang maintenance po nya ay Tamoxifen?

Translation: My mother has had surgery on her breast/s. First, the lump on breast was removed. When a biopsy was taken, it stated that it was stage 2 cancer. Then she was operated on again, and her left breast was removed. When another biopsy was taken, the result was now non-cancerous. But in less than a year, the lump reemerged. When another biopsy was taken, it was again found to be cancerous. What could be the reason for the recurring lump/cancer? My mother is taking Tamoxifen for her maintenance medication.

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