Ano pa po ba ang pwede igamot sa kurikong? Scabies treatment or remedy

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Ano pa po ba ang pwde igamot sa kurikong? Ang tagal na po namin ng gagamot hindi padin mawala wla.. Yung baby ko na 1 taon meron na po sa ulo nya. Paano po un gagamutin? Gumamit na po kmi ng kwell lotion/scabiol lotion tska sulfur ointment.. Binanlawan ko na din po ng mainit na tubig lahat ng damit, bedsheet, punda at linen.. Nangangati pa din kami. Thanks

Topic: What is the remedy, treatment or cure for scabies? We've been trying to treat it for a long time now, but it is still there. My baby is 1 year old and has this on the head. How do we treat it? We use kwell lotion / scabiol lotion and sulfur ointment. We also washed all clothes, bedsheets, linens and covers in hot water. But it is still itchy

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