Sakit sa bato? Napapagod, hinihingal, pant gasp breath air, tired exhausted

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Posebli po bang may sakit ako sa bato? Madali po ako mapagod kaht kunting work lang. Lage masakit mga buto ko. Lage mababa ang BP ko. Hinihingal ako kahit kunting lakad lang, feeling ko lagi ako napapagod, inaantok. Hindi ko ma explain. Anu po ba dapt kung gawin. Thank you and god blees.

Translation: Is it possible that I could have kidney problem or disease/sickness? I tire easily and feel exhausted, even after just doing a little work. My bones hurt often. My blood pressure is often low. I pant/gasp for breath, even if after just walking a bit. I feel exhausted and sleepy. I can't explain it. What should I do?

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May Gablinez
is in United States
Question? Mataba ka ba or malaki yung tyan mo? Also, do you do exercise? Kung hindi ka ang-e-excersie, normal lang yan. Kung malaki yung tyan mo, it's possible na your viseral fats are blocking your air and blood flow