Ayaw masundan kaagad ng anak, withdrawal, family planning, mixed feeding baby

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22 years old na po ako.. Nanganak po ako nung December 20,2014. Until now di pa po ako nagme-mens. Nagse-sex po kami ng asawa ko kaso po withdrawal sya.. May posibilidad po ba na buntis ako? Nangamba po kasi ako ea ayaw ko pa po masundan ang baby ko mag 4 months pa lang po kasi sya.. Mixed feeding po ako. Breastfeed and formula milk po gamit ko.

Translation: I am 22 years old. I gave birth last December 20, 2014. But until now, I still have no menstruation. My husband and I have sex, but we do withdrawal method (coitus interruptus or withdrawing penis from vagina before ejaculation to avoid pregnancy). I also mixed feed my baby (breastfeed and formula milk). Could I be pregnant? I don't want to have another baby right away.

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