6 months na sa japan buwan buwan-Delayed for 3 days, but no sexual relations with anyone

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6 months na po ako dito sa japan buwan buwan naman po dumarating ang asawa ko at di po ako nakikipagtalik dito pero bakit po ngayon yung mens ko dipa po dumarating. 27 last start my mens, pero ngayon its March 30 na di pa po dumarating. Natatakot po ako malayo naman na mabuntis po ako wala naman pong gumagalaw sa akin at 6 month na po ako dito ngayon buwan po nasira mens ko .

Question: I've been staying here in Japan for 6 months now. My husband comes here monthly and I don't have sex. But why is it that until now I don't have my period? My last menstruation started on the 27th. But now, it's already March 30th, but I still don't have my menstruation. I'm afraid, but it's unlikely that I'm pregnant, since I haven't had sexual intercourse with anyone in the past 6 months that I'm here. It's only this month that my period is delayed.

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Maraming dahilan kung bakit nade-delay o irregular ang mensturation, tulad ng pagbabago ng oras ng tulog at gising, weight issues (malaki na tinaas o binaba ng timbang), stress, medication (tulad ng pills), illness, excessive exercise, at iba pa.

Kadalasan temporary lang at nade-delay lang ng mensturation ng ilang araw, lalo na't sabi mo ngayon ka lang na-delay at hindi ka naman maaaring mabuntis. Ngunit kapag na-delay ka pa ng ilang linggo, mas mainam na magpatingin sa iyong OB-Gyn, para masuri kung alin ang dahilan ng iyong delayed mensturation.

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