Medical question from South Korea-Lump bukol on calf, tumor, swelling

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Doc itatanong ko lng po meron po kasing tumubong bukol sa parte ng legs ko malapit po sa calf sa may gilid po ng tuhod ko. Nung una po eh masakit po sya mga siguro mga 3 o 4 n bukol nasundan po ng 2 bukol may malaki at malilit na bukol sunod sunod po sila. Mga 2 weeks na din po ito pero sa ngayon po hindi na sya masakit ung mga bukol po. Eh parang kasing laki ng beans. Nandito po ako ngayon sa bansang south korea hindi po kaya nakuha ko ito sa lamig po ng panahon dito? Nagpacheck up na po ako pero hindi ko maunawaan ung sinasabi po nila ang gagawin po eh. Ooperhan po nila tatangglin po. Maraming salamat po..

Question: I have lumps growing on my legs near the calf, on the side of my knees. At first it was painful, around 3 or 4 lumps and then there were 2 more lumps (both big and small) that came out one after the other. It's been around 2 weeks now, but now the lumps (swelling or tumor) are not painful anymore. The lumps are arond the size of beans.

I'm now here in South Korea. Could I have gotten these lumps from cold weather? I already went to see doctor, but I could not understand what they were saying that I should do. They said something like I need to have operation/surgery.

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