Dropsy, Edema: Ano dahilan ng pagmamanas ng katawan? Nagmanas kamay paa katawan

Marites Aniñon
is in Kuwait

Nagmamanas ako last May 2015. Nag pa ultra sound ako sa kidney lang, nakita ok siya. Pero bakit ang anghang ng balakang ko? Masakit din ang hip ko sa my tagiliran. Ang peroid ko isang buwan. Bakit po?

Translation: I had swelling of body (Edema/ Dropsy) last May 2015. I had ultrasound taken from my kidney, and the results were ok. But why do my hips hurt? My sides (pelvic bone) are also painful. My menstrual period is one month. Why?

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Dr. Gregory Okhifun
is a Medical expert in Netherlands
Hi Marites,

Thanks for your question.

The hip and pelvic bone pain may be totally unrelated to your previous history of edema. Possible explanation of the hip and pelvic pain include arthritis, pinched nerve, injuries, and other bone diseases.

I recommend that you visit your GP for a thorough examination and diagnosis. The diagnosis would determine the treatment plans to be adopted.

I hope you get well soon.

Best wishes.
is a Medical expert in India
If your ultra sound report is normal, that means you have almost recoved from dropsy. Pain in lower body parts could be due to pre menstrual symptoms. Just wait and watch. If this pain continues after your menstruation , get a blood test done for calcium and vitamin D.For the time being, you can take OTC pain medicine.

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