What does violence/ fighting in dreams mean? My daughter dreamt that her father shot me after an argument

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My 10 year old daughter woke up from a very bad dream at 4:45 am today. She said in her dream that I died because her father shoot me after a heated argument and I died. What does that mean?


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Lola Siyam Siyam
is a Manghuhula in the Philippines
This dream particularly signifies the closeness or relationship between the child and the mother. It represents the child's fear of losing her mother. It seems that your daughter without a nurturing and supporting mother who guides her everyday would make her the person who doesn't know how to solve problems in real life, or someone who will definitely make bad decisions. In that case, there will be a loss of stability and sense of security. Because she cares about you a lot, she thinks of something that will hurt or harm you. Probably, there is a bigger problem your daughter has that makes her pretty nervous and fearful. That may trigger the dream. But, don't worry too much about your daughter's dream because it doesn't represent reality, but only exaggerated scenarios on how they perceive things. Moreover, she might also have fear of a broken family. Probably, she thinks of this family situation once in a while.
Also, to dream about her father symbolizes her relationship with him. Perhaps, he is away from her and a lot more strict or protective. She may perceive that you have different roles in the family, and different ways on how to protect and sustain your family relationship. We can also think of what your daughter has been watching for a while. Maybe she sees movies or shows with shooting which leads her to incorporating the images into her subconscious mind. It is more likely that those images will end up in her dreams.
Jerry Cua
is a Marketing Specialist in the Philippines
In addition, your daughter wants to tell or share you something but she is scared because she doesn't want you and your husband (parents) to get mad at her. Be open to her and ask her about what did she do in the day. Good bonding moments before going to bed help her to overcome nightmares.

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