Beware of buying from condominium developers, Customer review condo real estate

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Ingat po mga kabayan... Isa po akong OFW na umuwi sa pinas at bumili ng isang condominium property sa Ayala, dahil sa pagiipon naming asawa sa hirap at pagod sa pagtrabaho sa ibang bansa. Akala ko tiwala ako, dahil kilala ang pangalan, yun pala kinakawawa at papahirapan lang pala tayong mga simpleng mamamayang Pilipino, at pera lang ang habol nila satin. Sa umpisa mabait sila, pero wala na sila pakialam sayo kapag nakabayad ka na ng downpayment.

Please beware of buying from condominium developers such as Ayala Land properties, condos... In the beginning, when still inquiring about purchasing a property, Ayala Land property sales agents would be so accomodating, courteous and kind. But after paying for downpayment, they will treat you like a piece of rag, avoiding you like the plague.

Their customer support is only there as a front and is a joke to say the least. The billing, customer support would not help you at all and does not treat you like a customer, but you have to plead with them for any requests. They don't care, since they know that you've already paid money, and you can't just walk away from the money you've invested. For example if you go to their head office, they will make you wait and wait, and there is so much politicking needed with all the employees from top to bottom, with even simple requests. Then after going all the way to their office, they will just ask you to submit written request that you which they will take months to answer, or not at all. And if you email back, they will not respond. If there is urgent problem, they will send you a letter by post, which you will only receive a month late, so any action you take will be too late.

If you call their support hotline, you will never get anyone to answer, other than a voice recording. Even in the first minute of office hours, the voice recording will say that all customer service agents are engaged, and ask you to leave a message, and they will not bother to return your call anyway. You can try this yourself: If you call their sales department or introduce yourself as a 'new interested buyer', mabilis pa sa alas quatro, someone will answer and talk to you. But if you call as an existing buyer asking for customer support, a voice recording will simply ask you to leave a message, and they will not get back to you at all.

To all OFWs like me out there, please, for your sake and to save you from troubles, please be very careful before buying from any condo developer such as Ayala Land properties. Better to avoid these kinds of companies, which does not truly care for their customers, but is only interested in their money. So ask, ask and ask, before making a decision.

Please be careful when buying property, especially now with the condo units and real estate is booming in the Philippines. Mag-ingat po kapag bibili ng property. Paalala lang po, siguraduhin na ok talaga ang customer support nila, pagaralan mabuti at magtanong sa ibang may nakabili na.


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