Abuse of Employer

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I am writing this on behalf of my mother who is currently in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia working as a domestic Helper for a certain Saeed Masoud Al Ghamdi. Many times my mother would send me messages regarding the physical and mental treatment she was receiving from her employer. Aside from being maltreated she was forced to work 19 hours a day and provided with only a meal per day. In her contract with the agency here in the Philippines which is World Class Icon Corporation located at Suite 705-707 and 710-A Ermita Center Building, 1350 Roxas Blvd., Ermita, Manila she will be working with 3 individuals only but upon arrival in her employers house she was forced to served 11 individuals, which is a clear violation of her employment contract. Her personal belongings were also taken by her employer and left her only with 3 pair of shorts and underwear; they also took her 3GP phone and replaced an old model of mobile phone so she could not use her Skype account to show us of her real condition. She also send me message that her employer would usually strikes her head on the wall and burn her with cigarette butts.

I have already reported this matter to OWWA on July 13, 2016 but upon verification she has no records with OWWA, so the personnel advised me to go to POEA to inquire about her records in the records section but she also has no record that is why I was wondering because she obtained an OEC from POEA and yet no records. So, I went to Repatriation Section of POEA on July 14, 2016 to file a complaint for my mother to be repatriated, they gave me form to fill up so they can make an endorsement letter to be submitted to OWWA so they can make a report for my mother to be repatriated and was advised to make a follow up on my complaint after 7 working days, but after 7 working days they told me that they need to secure first a certificate from her agency to be able to make an endorsement letter and follow up after 5 working days. After 5 working days I made a follow up on 29 of July 2016 and was told that the endorsement letter were already in their evaluator for signature and was instructed to come back on 5 August 2016. I have also filed a complaint in the office of Usec. Jesus I. Yabes in the Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs in DFA but was instructed to come back after 14 working days, time is running out for my mother who is being maltreated by her employer.

And this morning August 3, 2016 I was informed that she was brought to a Medical Clinic for the processing of her Residence Permit but she was forced to use a different passport other than her which can caused some problem regarding her status of employment. My concern is how long our Government related agencies take the appropriate action regarding this matter.

The performances and orientation of this existing government agency in charge of dealing with OFW services and affairs will not eliminate the root causes of forced migration if these agencies will not be able to address the decades-long clamor of OFWs and their families for better welfare services rather than working to merely further institutionalize labor export but instead truly commit to advance the rights and welfare of OFWs and put an end to it.


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