Dr. Randolf Gucyam

Family and Community Medicine
Last active: 12.04.2019
World Health Organization, Tandang Sora, Q.C,
Number of years in this profession: 3
Recommendations: 16
Bio/ About my practice: Call me a medical doctor, an anthropologist, a writer, a video gamer. I say, you can call me anything as much as anyone can call himself a rock star. Currently struggling with my MA degree in Public Health while risking to pursue other things I love doing which I usually get doomed for. Writing in the top list but video gaming duels a good fight for first place. I love my music fast and loud.I work hard except when working out. My day job is big in the fat factor like an hour sleep after straight duties and rock and roll. I smile like there is no tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I just get wrong impressions most of the time but I don't care. Atleast I smiled. =))
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