Buhay OFW educates and inspires mutual support among Filipinos, regardless of location, education or financial and social status.

We believe that every Filipino, regardless of financial or social circumstances, should have access to free information and assistance from Filipino communities and foreign supporters.

We are independent of any political ideology, economic interest or religion.

As we champion Filipino education and teamwork, we will continue providing an online platform that encourages asking, knowledge and opportunity sharing, and helping.


Bakit ka sasali?

* Tumulong sa mga OFWs - Ang mga nasa gobyerno ay maaring sumagot sa mga tanong ng mga OFWs. Sa pamamagitan ng pagsali ng mga nasa gobyerno, madidinig ang mga opinion, o hinaing ng mga OFWs, at ito ay makakatulong upang mapabuti ang mga kalagayaan ng mga bayani nating OFWs.

* Build a reputation among the OFW community - By sharing your knowledge, you naturally build a track record among the OFW community.

* Network with other government officials and a global community of professionals - By joining Buhay OFW, you can connect and communicate with other professional peers and experts.


To confirm that you are a government official, please provide an official dedicated email address. Your email will not be displayed anywhere on the site, and will only be used to confirm you are genuine, to screen out fakers/imposters. (Please check our Privacy policy)

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