Why one day period. Please. help po.?

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Last week (February 8), gabi po nangyari, nagkatagos po ako sa short, wasnt worried thinking my period is starting (My last period started on December. 31 and lasted till Jan. 4).
However come morning, i saw on my pad that theres barely blood. I waited but it didnt continue. Usually my period lasts for around 3-4 days.
 During that week ive felt cramps on my lower abdomen and lower middle back (just atop my butt cheeks). And till now im still experiencing pain at my lower back that radiates to my leg. Also im having white vaginal discharge too.

Is this period what they call implantation bleeding? Im being paranoid thinking this is Implantation bleeding but i havent had sex yet, still a virgin. Just to appease my anxiety a little i did pregnancy test, still new to this so out of 3, 2 came out invalid and the last one as negative. Or maybe this is just UTI again that's why theres pain on lower back.

Please. help, thank you for advice.



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